2.4 Tokens and Points

  • CoinMusme uses the following tokens and in-game points:

MusmeCoin (MSM): Crypto Assets

  • MSM is a crypto asset issued on the Ethereum blockchain following the ERC-20 standard. By staking MSM on a dedicated platform (i.e., depositing it for a certain period), users can receive exclusive fan merchandise, participate in voting for features related to the CoinMusme IP expansion, and gain the right to vote on functionalities within the blockchain game 'CoinMusme.'

  • MSM can be acquired by using the MSM ticket that is distributed through the game's price prediction race. Additionally, MSM is tradable with other crypto assets on cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • 80-90% of CoinMusme's revenue, including non-game-related income, is used to purchase MSM for the reward pool, which is then that distributes back to the users.

MusMedal(Mus-M):In-game points

  • Mus-M is an in-game currency used for various purposes, including 1️⃣ acquiring NFTs through gacha, 2️⃣ purchasing in-game items from the shop, and 3️⃣ opening the gift box. It is not a crypto asset, so it cannot be taken outside the game.

  • Mus-M is purchased in-game using cryptocurrency or credit card with 100 Mus-M = $1. Please be aware that Mus-M will expire after 180 days.

  • When using the MSM tickets distributed by the price prediction race, users can choose whether to receive MSM or Mus-M. Users who do not have a cryptocurrency wallet connected to their account can only receive Mus-M.

Character Points(CP):In-game points

  • CP can be obtained through 1️⃣ arena battle rewards and 2️⃣ gift boxes.

  • CP is an in-game point and cannot be taken out of the game.

  • CP can be used to vote in the price prediction races.

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