5.2 Deck Assembly

  • To begin an arena battle, a deck of 5 Idols is assembled. Up to 5 sets of decks are recorded and can be switched by using the left and right arrows. Information on opponents and battle stages are not known until the start of the battle.

  • The idol set in the first slot of the deck assembly screen becomes the leader, and its leader skill is activated at the start of the battle.

  • Each idol has a set number of performances, and when an idol is used in an arena battle, 1 performance is deducted from the total performance count. You can only have 1 idol with 0 performances in your deck, and that idol's PP will be reduced to 0.

  • You can increase the number of performances consumed before starting a battle. By increasing the number of performances, the results will change as follows. Arena rank points remain unchanged.

    ・The experience points and CP earned will be multiplied by the number of performances set.

    ・ For a set number of performances, a lottery decision is made to determine the growth of the skill.

    ・ The luck value is multiplied by the number of performances to determine the drop. The drop rate will increase, and a higher grade gift box will drop more easily, but will not drop more than one gift box.

  • Decks can also be automatically assembled with the following options

    ・ Overall Value Priority

    ・ Sing Priority

    ・ Dance Priority

    ・ Act Priority

    ・ PP Priority

  • The condition is determined by the Stamina value, an non-public parameter set for idols, which affects the activation rate of Live skills. The maximum stamina value is the same for all NFTs, and stamina is consumed each time it is used in arena battles. Stamina will be recovered in a fixed period of time, and the condition can be recovered by using stamina recovery items. There are two types of stamina recovery items: those that restore a certain number of stamina and those that restore stamina to the maximum.

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