5.1 Arena Rank

  • There are five arena ranks, and you start at the lowest rank when you begin the game. Arena rank increases when the earned arena points in battles reach the set value, while it decreases when arena points fall below the set value. Your rank significantly influences the experience points and CP you acquire. The higher the arena, the more experience points and CP you acquire, and the easier it is to raise your skill level. The higher the arena, the more stamina is consumed.

A Rank

Cosmic Sphere

B Rank

Infinity Colosseum

C Rank

Luminous Sky Tower Tokyo

D Rank

Harmony Hall

E Rank

Beat Club "NEON"

  • In the Arena Battle, players assemble a deck of 5 Idols and compete against each other 5 times, once for each Idol. 3 or more wins out of 5 matches will result in a win, and 2 or less wins will result in a loss. If you win three consecutive victories, you will receive a bonus in rank points, and if you lose three consecutive battles, you will receive a penalty.

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