3.1 Starting the Game

  • At the title screen, you have the option to either log in to your Seamoon Protocol account provided by DM2C Studio, a part of the DMM Group, or play without logging in.

  • If you choose to play without logging in, please be aware that your play data will be lost if your browser's temporary storage data (cache) is cleared. Additionally, the following features will be restricted. To fully enjoy CoinMusme and for a more comfortable experience, we strongly recommend registering an account:

・ Purchasing items in the shop

・ Buying and selling on the marketplace

・ Purchasing gacha pulls

・ Importing/exporting from the wallet

  • If you choose to register a new account on the title screen, you can create a Seamoon Protocol account. Please follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the account registration.

  • If you start the game from the beginning, a tutorial will be displayed. While it is possible to skip the tutorial, if you are new to the game, we recommend to use it to better understand the game contents.

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