3.4 Wallet Management Screen

  • The following are available on the Wallet management screen

Confirmation of assets balance, etc.

· Check your MSM ticket, MSM, Mus-M, and CP balance

Using MSM Tickets

· You can receive MSM or Mus-M by using the MSM tickets you have. The total amount that can be exchanged is displayed on the MSM ticket, and you can exchange any amount you wish within the total amount range. If the wallet is not connected, only Mus-M can be exchanged.

· The cost of gas (ETH) when receiving MSM is the responsibility of the user, so please have ETH ready in your wallet.

· MSM tickets cannot be used for 24 hours after they are acquired.

· Please be aware that if not used within 180 days from acquisition, it will expired. If an MSM ticket expires within 3 days, a warning will be displayed on the home screen. If an MSM ticket expires after the expiration date, the amount of the expired MSM ticket will be displayed on the home screen.

Exporting Character NFTs

· You can export your SSR, SR, and HR idols as NFTs to your Wallet.

· NFTs acquired through gacha cannot be exported until 24 hours have passed since acquisition.

Importing Character NFTs

· Idol NFTs in linked Wallets can be imported into the game. Characters held in the Wallet cannot be used in the game unless they are imported into the game.

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