1.3 Spreading Captivating Contents

CoinMusme aims to provide new value to the Web3 world by developing its unique characters and appealing worldview while building strong ties with its fans and continuously enhancing its content and charm.

We are eager to explore new possibilities for Web3 and work with fans to create an unprecedented level of excitement. We plan to use methods successfully used in past social game operations and focus on deepening the content by creating a theme song, using popular voice actors and idols, and releasing manga, while fusing Web3's unique tokens and community to foster deeper content.

The native token issued by CoinMusme, "MusmeCoin", is a way for fans to support the world of CoinMusme. Those who acquire, purchase, and stake MusmeCoin will be eligible for special fan items and invitations to events, contributing to the growth and development of CoinMusme.

CoinMusme is advancing a diverse range of media expansions to provide the charm of CoinMusme to a broad user base, enhancing the charm of the game alongside users, and promoting the widespread adoption of tokens. The goal is to build an environment that reciprocates the benefits of support in an appealing manner for all the fans who cheer us on.

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