3.2 Creating an Account

  • If you are not logged in, you can start a new registration for a Seamoon Protocol account in the following occasions: ・In the title screen, choose "New Registration." ・Select New Registration from the Account screen on the Menu screen. ・When attempting to link a wallet in an unlinked state, follow the instructions displayed to choose new registration. ・When attempting to perform actions such as gacha, shop purchases, or marketplace transactions, follow the instructions displayed to choose new registration.

  • Creating an account requires a valid email address and SNS authentication. Only one account can be created per unique email address or SNS account.

  • During the account registration process, you will be guided to link a wallet that manages your crypto assets. At the time of the game's release, the only wallet supported will be Meta Mask. You can skip wallet linking, but the following functions will be limited if no wallet is linked.

  • During the account creation process, guidance will be displayed for linking a wallet to manage cryptocurrencies. MetaMask is the planned supported wallet at the time of release. While it is possible to skip wallet linking, the following features will be restricted if the wallet is not linked: ・To use the marketplace ・To exchange MSM tickets for MSM (You can still exchange with Mus-M) ・Exporting Idols as Wallet NFTs (You can use idols within the game.)

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