6.1 Price Prediction Race

  • In the price prediction race, MSM tickets are earned by predicting the CoinMusme of the cryptocurrency with the highest rate of price increase (lowest rate of price decrease) during the event period. Prize money will be set for all ranks, but will be cut off if the distribution amount is less than 0.01 MSM.

  • The game's fluctuation rate is based on the price of the target cryptocurrency at the start of the period and the percentage increase/decrease in price at the end of the period. The cryptocurrency with the higher percentage rise will be ranked higher, and the cryptocurrency with the lower percentage decrease will be ranked lower if the price has dropped. The price of the cryptocurrency is referenced to the Coin Market Cap value.

Fluctuation Rate= (Last Price - Base Price) / Base Price

Base Price = Price at the Beginning of the Period

Final Price = Price at the End of the Event Period

  • There are two types of price prediction races: daily races that are held every day and long-term races that are held over a specified period of time. Long-term races have relatively more competing CoinMusme and higher prize money.

  • Each price prediction race has a voting period during which CPs are accepted, and a period during which the fluctuation rate is tabulated. Clicking on a race during the voting period will take you to the voting page.

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