1.1 "Creating a Global Role Model for Play 2 Earn that Generates New Excitement"

The development of blockchain technology and Web3 has given birth to a new genre called Play to Earn (P2E), which combines strategic gaming with real-world assets to create a unique user experience different from gambling.

We have been operating many social games in Japan that are loved and played by many fans but felt that most of the money paid by fans goes to pay platformers, advertising, and operating costs. We wondered if we could respond to our users’ enthusiasm by collaborating with them to make the game more exciting and appropriately reciprocating it.

We believe that blockchain games (BCGs) have great potential to redefine the relationship between operators and users in an ideal way. However, no service has yet realized the ideal form of P2E, including the famous BCG. We believe that the BCGs where popularity surges in the early stages, resulting in token crashes and significant dissatisfaction within the community – a community that was meant to collectively enhance the gaming experience – does not represent the right approach to be successful. Since BCG involves elements similar to finance, this repeated disappointment will occur if only the expertise of the old gaming companies is used.

We are committed to "Creating a Global Role Model for Play 2 Earn", which will generate great excitement with users from its initial release while expanding over the medium-to-long term perspective. Under this philosophy, a team has been assembled, bringing together experienced founders from the social gaming industry and professionals in cryptocurrency trading and finance. We are thrilled to announce the release of our first project, 'CoinMusme.'

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