4.4 Idol Skill

  • Each idol has a set of skills. Skills have a level that changes their activation rate and can be raised at a certain rate in arena battles or with skill level-up items.

  • Skills are classified according to the target and conditions for activation of the effect as follows.

Leader Skill

When an Idol is set as the leader, this skill is determined at the start of battle and activates the effect on all allies or all idols of the opponent.

Live Skill

This is a skill that activates an effect on you or your opponent's Idols at a certain probability during Live battles.

  • Skills are classified according to their effects as follows.


Grants an advantageous effect to your Idol(s).


Grants a disadvantageous effect to your opponent's Idol(s).

Remove Buffs

Removes buffs granted to the opponent's Idol(s).

Remove Debuffs

Removes debuffs granted to your Idol(s).

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