5.5 High & Low

  • After completing the five stages in the arena battle, you have the option to challenge the High & Low game to increase your reward CP. Once you choose "Challenge," please be aware that it cannot be canceled.

  • In the High & Low game, you predict whether the facedown player's card is larger (High) or smaller (Low) than the cards displayed on the table. There are 13 types of cards, with 2 being the smallest and A being the largest. Initially, nine cards, excluding 2, 3, K, and A, are randomly displayed on the table with an equal probability.

  • If your prediction is correct, the earned CP is multiplied by 1.5. You can then choose to either end the arena battle or continue with the High & Low game. The High & Low game can be continued for up to 30 consecutive wins.

  • If the card displayed on the table has the same number as the player's hand, CP remains unchanged, and another round of cards is dealt. You then make another prediction, choosing between High or Low.

  • If your prediction is incorrect, the earned CP becomes 0, and the arena battle concludes. In rare instances, there may be dramatic scenes where the situation is reversed after a failure.

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