5.3 Arena Battle

  • In arena battles, you select one idol for each of the five battle stages and compete against the opponent's chosen idol based on the specified parameter values for the stage. 3 or more wins out of 5 matches will result in a win, and 2 or less wins will result in a loss. Winning earns you Arena Points, while losing deducts Arena Points.

  • The opponent is a deck used by other players at the same Arena rank in the past. The opponent is randomly selected from several optimal choices based on the type of stage and the parameters of the player's available Idols. Skills, conditions, and the player's Idols are not taken into consideration.

  • When you start a battle, leader skills are first activated in the order of you ⇒ your opponent.

  • After activating the Leader Skill, selecting the first Idol for the initial stage initiates a 1v1 battle. Following adjustments to the parameters through the activation of the Live skill, the Idol with the higher total parameter value corresponding to the stage wins. Once the outcome of the initial stage is determined, you choose the Idol for the next stage, and this process is repeated for a total of five stages.

  • The activation of each Idol's Live Skill is determined based on the activation rate set for each skill level, the Idol's condition, and the effects of skills that affect activation rates. If multiple activation rate-changing skills are triggered, their effects will overlap.

  • You can switch to Auto Play for Idol selection at any time. In Auto Play, Idols are selected based on the parameters of the field and the held Idols to maximize the remaining total value for the upcoming battles. The skills of your own Idols and the parameters and skills of the opponent's Idols are not taken into consideration.

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