4.2 Idol Parameter

  • Idols have the following parameters.


Level. A number that indicates the progress of a character's training.


This is the number of experience required to level up.


The rarity of the character.

Battle Parameters

There are three types of battle parameters: Sing, Dance, and Act.


Luck. This is a number that affects the gift box drop.


Free Points. Points that can be assigned to each parameter at the user's discretion.


Short for Payout Power, a number that directly relates to the ability to earn CP.

  • Parameters are unique to each idol, and parameters are set according to the following trends.

  • Each idol has a performance count per rarity, and one performance is consumed when used in arena battles. You can only have 1 idol with 0 performances in your deck, and that idol's PP will be reduced to 0. Additionally, the idol will no longer be able to level up or improve its skills.

  • When the performance count runs out, PP will not be restored naturally, but by using the "Reinstage Item", the number of performances can be restored instead of lowering the idol's level. The "ReinStage Item" can be acquired from gift boxes, events, and other sources.

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