1.2 Features of CoinMusme

① An Experience That Generates Enthusiasm

In the Japanese social gaming industry, the expertise to keep users engaged and entertained has been thoroughly researched. By combining this with real-world assets, we are able to provide users with a new and enthusiastic experience.

On the other hand, social games have become overly costly as they have become richer in terms of graphics and systems. We extract only what makes social games fun and engaging, while keeping development, advertising, and operating costs as low as possible to maximize returns to users.

② A UI/UX That Can Be Accepted by a Wide Range of Users

The challenge for BCG is its high standards: the people who are interested in BCG are not necessarily limited to those who have played the game before, and many BCGs believe that they are narrowing their base with complex UIs that assume "familiarity" with the game.

However, many people who have played games in the past have said that they stumble upon BCG-specific procedures, such as creating a virtual currency wallet, and do not know how to get started. We consider UI/UX to be an extremely important element in creating a service that will be loved by a wide range of users, and we are committed to a design and user interface that allows even those unfamiliar with the game to enjoy it without discomfort.

③ Operating to Achieve Sustainable Play to Earn

Designing token economics to avoid betraying the users who got the game rolling is critical, and we are well prepared to limit excessive changes in token value through sophisticated simulations.

What is also important is that it is not feasible for "all users to make money," and we do not operate in a fraudulent manner that presents such an illusion, but rather provide users with an accurate explanation of the game and have them play with a clear sense of acceptance. Therefore, in addition to ①, we attempt to maximize the value of the "fun" experience by having users fall in love with the world and its characters.

However, we will not offer a completed world intentionally. We will work together with creators with a wealth of experience to build a world view and design characters at the time of release, while developing the world through user participation after release, which is a new possibility for the relationship between management and users, and a challenge to create a new "fun" experience for BCG.

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